Just as with browning plaster, bonding plaster is also a viable option to use as an undercoat on which other things are added. Bonding plaster is a great choice for walls and other structural components and can be used on both new and existing home constructions.

It’s an ideal wall plaster which utilizes the intrinsic strength of gypsum to come up with its own structure that can withstand all kinds of intense weather conditions.

They have very few limitations, especially when it comes to the condition of the wall. However, if you are to use bonding plaster on an existing wall, make sure that you prepare the surface using a wire brush or gritstone before starting with the actual plastering.

Bonding plaster is easy to mold into the desired shape and easy to apply to any surface. Once applied, it dries quickly and can be painted over. Any liquid that spills into the bonding plaster will not affect the plaster.

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